Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Truth of God

Here is a collection of God and religious truths I have found throughout the years:

Nothing is explicitly commanded by God for the whole of humanity. If God did have an explicit command, our creator possesses the intelligence and capability to do a lot more than go to a tiny portion of the Earth and say, “Hey, you small group of people, make sure you let everyone in the 197 million square miles around you know specifically what I want. Also even though I created you and know you're fallible, I have total faith that everyone will get it right and there will be zero miscommunication.”

There is never an ordained “Way to be.” Just because one way provides benefits that are not provided by another does not mean that the second way is wrong. In most cases, there is no black and white answer. Humanity craves structure, but is large and diverse enough that no one structure, law, or ruleset can fit all of it. We are also always growing and changing, so the rulesets and laws we keep in place must grow and change with us. That includes anything written here except the statement above, unless God personally comes to the world and gives a commandment. In that case, mea culpa.

The implicit command of God is to love, as it it sewn into the core of our being.

We should all live to better humanity. Without it, your life is nothing. As humanity improves, so do the lives of us and our progeny.

There is no one person or small group of people that is greater than the whole.

Do your your best to ensure that your individual desires cause do not cause harm to others.

Seek to forgive those who wrong you. Seek to forgive those who wrong others. Understand their motives and reasons. Know that understanding is not a pardon of sin, but the first brick on the path away from it.

In trivial matters, it is better to show love and be meek than insist on your correctness. No matter how right you may be, if the only benefit of establishing your correctness is to hurt someone, then you are wrong, no matter how right you may be

God doesn't need glory. It is not necessary to Worship, build monuments or holy houses, or call out God's greatness as a testament to the glory of God. God built the Earth, and everything on it, including humanity. I'm fairly sure that those things are self evident of God's glory. Do these things, and they can and will lift your heart, but know that they are not commanded,

Always strive to make all creation shine. Keep it beautiful, make it better. This includes yourself, but less yourself the individual, and more yourself the sibling of humanity. “The best person who does nothing to make their siblings better is no good person at all.”

A nonbeliever who works to benefit the lives of humanity is better than a score of believers who do nothing but bask in their righteousness.

Sexuality on its own is not a sin. It is not vile, or dirty, it is the way God made you. It is also a powerful thing, and should be handled delicately. If there must be a rule for it, it would be “Do your your best to ensure that your individual desires cause do not cause harm to others.” Though I suppose that might chart higher on the list somewhere

You were made a beast, a creature of the Earth. and such, contain the beasts primal survival desires that are destructive to the whole of humanity. You also possess the greatest gift gifts of all - knowledge and understanding. Without those things, you simply become a beast again. As auch, always strive for them. You cannot have Understanding without Knowledge, and you cannot truly know things without being able to understand.

Always strive for the truth. No matter how much truth you possess, never be afraid to consider that you may be wrong. Many things cannot remain true forever. Relish the adventure of change.

Any religion that does not welcome themselves to be questioned lacks the faith that the words it speaks are the truth.

Any God who provides no hard proof of existence and would punish those who do not believe is petty. Any God who would condemn you to an eternity of suffering based on a single sin is petty. Any God who would consider condemning you for eternity that would judge you for your actions without thoroughly considering the context of those actions is petty.

Any God who is petty is not worth following, because even after judgment, you must either remain ever vigilant of it's pettiness, or lose all free will to conform with its desire.

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